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There are several examples online describing how to use the gdata.calendar.service (I mistakenly wrote "client" here) class to log in to a calendar with an email address and a password. Is there a way to use the calendar's "Private Address" (be it xml or ical) in gdata.calendar.service? I don't want to hard code my password in a script if I can avoid it.

The "Private Address" is a URL that looks something like:


and you can get it from a link at the bottom of the "calendar settings" page.

I am the latest version of gdata for python: gdata-2.0.16.

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This should work pretty much straightforward. IIRC you need to set visibility to "private-YOURTOKEN", instead of "public". Then it will build the proper URL.

However, you must be aware that the access via this private URL is readonly. For write access, you need to do the full password authentication.

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