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I need to use these two formulas for one field. Can someone help me combine them?

stringvar input := {tbl.col};
stringvar output := '';
numbervar i;

input := Trim(input);

for i := 1 to Length(input) Step 1 do 
if not(input[i] in [Chr(13),Chr(10)]) then 
   output := output + input[i];output;

if right({tbl.col},1) = "]" then

Any suggestions if I want use this code first then remove white space/line breaks? //stringvar array x := split({Police.Narrative},"]"); //numbervar i; //numbervar j := ubound(x); //stringvar y := ""; //for i := 1 to j-1 do( //y := y + trim(extractstring(x[i],"","["))+"; " //); //if len(y) > 2 then //left(y, len(y)-2);

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Could you format it properly so that it is readable? Also, what is the input & what is the expected output? –  shahkalpesh May 23 '09 at 4:18

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Instead of doing a loop to remove the white space and line breaks you should be using the Replace function.

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