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how can I send a mail with a file saved in a FileField? I don't know how to access the file in the code below.

mail = EmailMessage(subject, message, 'from@from,com', ['to@to.com'])
mail.attach(?, ?, 'application/pdf')


I tried to open the file with

f = list_pca.pdf_file.open(mode='rb')

where list_pca is an instance of

class ListPCA(models.Model):
    pdf_file = models.FileField(upload_to=get_file_path_j, null=True, blank=True)

but I get an error "No such file or directory", because the path is wrong.



return the wrong path too. Isn't it supposed to know where is the file thanks to the upload_to option?



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Can you clarify the question? Explain the language you are using, etc.? – crockpotveggies Jan 25 '12 at 19:12
There is Django in the tags, but I'll add it in the question... – jul Jan 25 '12 at 19:14
That'll help the question since at first it looked like a duplicate and google will pick it up ;) unfortunately i can't offer expertise :) – crockpotveggies Jan 25 '12 at 19:19
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mail = EmailMessage(subject, message, 'from@from,com', ['to@to.com'])
mail.attach('arbitrary_filename', myfile.read(), 'application/pdf')

Since you're using EmailMessage, you can just pass it the attachments kwarg as well.

email = EmailMessage(subject, message, 'from@from,com', ['to@to.com'], 
    attachments=(('foo.pdf', myfile.read(), 'application/pdf'),))
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Ordinarily, like aganders3 suggested, I would use:

mail.attach_file(myfile.path) as well

But, I noted that it fails for attachments containing spaces.

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I think this will do it:

mail.attach(os.path.basename(myfile.name), myfile.read(), 'application/pdf')

I might be overlooking a MIME-encoding step, but IIRC mail.attach will do that.

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myfile = mymodel.somefilefield

mail = EmailMessage(subject, message, 'from@from,com', ['to@to.com'])
mail.attach('File Name', myfile.path, 'application/pdf')
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The other suggestions should work, but you can also do:


You can optionally pass the MIME-type as the second argument, but it just tries to figure it out from the file name if you don't provide it.

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