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When I add a BindingNavigator to my forms it has a line that appears under it. How can I get rid of that line?

enter image description here

I have looked through all of the settings in the properties but I cannot tell how I can get rid of that line. I have also looked online and can't find anything, but I cannot be the only person who wants to remove this. Any suggestions?

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You probably can't without implementing a subclass and overriding the OnPaint, or doing some other hack where you're replacing or modifying the built in rendering. The problem with this approach is that the BindingNavigator is probably a composite control, meaning there are a bunch of button controls, and a text box control, etc. that all handle a portion of the rendering themselves. It would be difficult to render the control entirely on your own.

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this is pretty much what I thought. – bluefeet Jan 28 '12 at 17:42

You can try creating your own renderer where you omit the border from being rendered:

public class BorderlessRenderer : ToolStripRenderer {
  protected override void OnRenderToolStripBorder(ToolStripRenderEventArgs e) {

then from code, you can apply it to your navigator:

public Form1() {
  bindingNavigator1.Renderer = new BorderlessRenderer();  

Unfortunately, I think this method might hide the separator lines, too.

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