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I wanted to encapsulate the details of creating / resolving a destination into some sort of DestinationResolver implementation.

The details being creating a connection, creating a session, creating / resolving a destination.

Would such an implementation be a bad approach?

public class SessionAwareDestinationResolver extends DynamicDestinationResolver {

    private Session session;

    public SessionAwareDestinationResolver(ConnectionFactory connectionFactory) {
        try {
            Connection connection = connectionFactory.createConnection();
            session = connection.createSession(false, Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE);
        } catch (JMSException ex) {
            throw JmsUtils.convertJmsAccessException(ex);

    public Destination resolveDestinationName(String destinationName,
            boolean pubSubDomain) throws JMSException {
        return super.resolveDestinationName(session, destinationName,


Would a better approach just to wrap the specific task in an execute action?


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Not sure if I completely understood you, JmsTemplate already provides a very good abstraction to sending/receiving message from JMS providers - you do not have to deal with raw JMS ConnectionFactory or Session. Unless you have a specific need for a Session - say to implement a queue browser or a request/response in the same session etc, if that is the case the approach of using a SessionCallback with execute method of JmsTemplate like you have mentioned is a good idea rather than needing to write your own abstraction.

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I needed a way to resolve destinatons without needing a session. Using the template provides me with the means –  predhme Jan 27 '12 at 0:06

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