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I have a Banner, with an attached file, using paperclip. Paperclip will create "derivatives" for an uploaded image, using the "styles" parameter:

class Banner < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_attached_file :image,
                    :styles => {:medium => "300x300>",
                                :thumb  => "100x100>"}

I want to test this attached_file generation, preferably without testing the whole roundtrip to a disk and so on. I could create a Banner, attach a file and then look on the filesystem if a certain file with certain dimensions is created, but that goes against my idea of testing a focused part, without testing the entire stack.

How can I test if the attached file :image has certain styles in Paperclip?

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All the has_attached_file method does is add the passed definitions to the model. The generation is done by paperclip and shouldn't need to be tested.


However, you could test that the definitions were created properly using the attachment_definitions method. Something like this:

it "has correct image style geometry" do
   Banner.attachment_definitions[:data][:styles][:medium][:geometry].should == "300x300>"
   Banner.attachment_definitions[:data][:styles][:thumb][:geometry].should == "100x100>"
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Thanks. I am aware that I don't need to test paperclip; but when BDD-ing, I'd like to write a test like it "should have a thumbnail" do first, then implement it. – berkes Jan 2 '13 at 20:31
I had empty attachment_definitions[:data].So I got it to work using Attachment.attachment_definitions[:attached_file][:styles][:small] construction. – Alexander Kuznetsov Dec 24 '13 at 7:56

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