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this may look a silly question, but I'd appreciate some help anyway.

I have a HUGE image which I need to adjust to 1/3 of the window's height automagically with CSS. I need to keep its width proportional. I'd like not to use JavaScript if possible.

Can you give me some hints???

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If I understand you right, add the CSS property: height:33%

This is unfortunately as close as we get to 1/3 the height of the window. This assuming your picture's parent node is the body, or also has 100% height of the window.

You may need to add:

html, body {

As well as to any elements the picture is in.

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That works for any direct child of the body element, but I need to put my image a couple <div>s deep inside that. –  danielperaza Jan 26 '12 at 12:42

You can do this with the css position attribute

#some-container {height:600px; position:relative;}

/* this will make your image height 200px */
#some-contained-image {position:absolute; height:33%}

I've put together a fiddle here

Once you have an element marked with position relative then you can use position absolute on an element it contains (regardless of depth). Counter-intuitively the position of the item marked absolute will be determined relative to the container marked relative.

This of course will effect a lot more than just height so I can't really recommend you do this. You probably will need to use javascript to get what you want.

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