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I'm trying to select a REST framework for Django that will allow me to easily use ETags for optimistic locking. I'm planning on examining Django-pistons and the Django Rest Framework libraries, but I'm open to any non-GPL solution (corporate licensing requirements prevent my using those).

My application is vending data from a SQLAlchemy model (not a Django model) in JSON/YAML form, and modulo the ETag issue is working just fine with the Django Rest Framework. However, I can't see an easy way to apply the ETag headers on my views.

For my views, I want to do this:

  1. Given a response, easily add an ETag to the response headers I'm sending out on success. This must be calculated by me, since it will be model dependent; it's not enough to hash the response value or anything like that.

  2. On POST/PUT, ensure that the ETag I'm receiving matches the one I sent out, or reject the request.

It's step 1 that is giving me a bit of trouble; I'm not sure which REST framework will make this easiest, nor am I sure what the best way to accomplish it is.

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