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I know I can just grep it, but I was wondering if Eclipse has a built in feature where I can highlight a public class member and get a list of all the places where it is being used in the package.


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I think what you're looking for is highlight it, right click and choose > References > Project – Green Day Jan 25 '12 at 21:01
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Yep, right click on the member (I usually left click first and wait for Eclipse to highlight the member to make sure it knows what I want to search for) and choose Open Call Hierarchy for methods or References > Workspace for fields.

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I don't use Eclipse for Java, but in CDT, you can right click and select References->Project to do this.

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  1. Highlight the class member and press ctrl + shift + g to find references in the workspace
  2. Click group by package Group by Package in the toolbar:
  3. Click the View Menu arrow icon in the toolbar and select Show as Tree in the popup menu
  4. Locate the desired package in the treeview and expand it to see results
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