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I have this data in database:

table: games_related

game_id1  |  game_id2
   3      |      2
   4      |      2

And I'm using this code to takie this data:

$rsm = new Doctrine\ORM\Query\ResultSetMapping;
$rsm->addEntityResult('Game', 'g1');
$rsm->addEntityResult('Game', 'g2');
$rsm->addFieldResult('g1', 'id', 'game_id1');
$rsm->addFieldResult('g2', 'id', 'game_id2');
$result = $this->db->createNativeQuery("SELECT game_id1, game_id2 FROM games_related WHERE :game IN (game_id1, game_id2)", $rsm)->setParameter('game', $game->getId())->getResult();

Why var_dump($result); is returning array(0) { } when $game->getId() = 2 ?

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Assuming your Game entity has a field $id, this would be: the ResultSetMapping#addFieldResult() method expects you to call

$rsm->addFieldResult('g1', 'game_id1', 'id');


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