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When running a web deploy to a specific IIS site I get the following error:

Error: The synchronization is being stopped because the maximum number of sync passes '5' has been exceeded even though all the changes could not be applied. This could occur if there are external changes being made to the destination.
 At C:\Code\.....\deploy.ps1:185 char:10
 +         & <<<< ($appDeployCmd) $type /M:$url /U:$user /P:$pass /A:Basic -allowUntrusted -useCheckSum
 + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (Error: The sync...he destination.:String) [], RemoteException
 + FullyQualifiedErrorId : NativeCommandError

Web Deploy is working fine on this environment against other IIS sites and file syncs are also working. I have previously been able to use web deploy to deploy this specific site without issue. All of the sudden out of nowhere, this issue started happening and I can no longer deploy this site.

I'm doing a basic site deploy with a package built from msbuild. I don't think the specifics are that important because as I said this was all working before and currently works against other sites on the same server farm without issues.

The error message says:

"This could occur if there are external changes being made to the destination."

but I'm not sure how to track this down or if it is even the issue to begin with. I've made sure all explorer windows are closed in all remote sessions. I've tried restarting the site and the app pool. The only thing I have not tried is rebooting the server which is not possible at moment.

Any ideas what might be cause this web deploy to fail?

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We had this problem when converting from a previously adhoc deploy of a service to MSDeploy, and found that if there were files that were either

then we would get the "maximum number of sync passes" error on deploying.

Once we fixed the attributes/ACLs, we were able to sync.

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I'm getting the same error when I try to publish a single folder, such as ~/Content/themes/base. However, when I check out all the files in the folder first, the publish succeeds. Seems like a bug in VS 2013 to me. –  jsuddsjr Sep 9 at 14:52
I have this problem when publishing files which are read-only. As I use Perforce, simply checking the file out allowed the publish to work. –  Rich Oct 21 at 9:56

Not really an answer, but one workaround you can try if you are using the Web Deploy dirPath, filePath, or contentPath providers is the ignoreErrors provider setting. If you know that you are consistently hitting a certain error number, you can specify that that error be ignored when it's hit. See the dirPath provider article for full details (and caveats).

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