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I have a C/C++ project built on several different Linux/Unix/AIX hosts, so being able to reference a Build # is incredibly helpful. I have the code already in to do the classic $Rev$ SVN Keyword thing and print it out when I need it, however that number only updates whenever I modify the 1 file containing it (which happens to be one of the most infrequently edited files in the entire repository).

I typically 'svn export' my repos and create a tarball before moving it to another host, so svnversion won't work (just returns 'exported', on the few machines that even have SVN installed). I'm wondering if there's a better way to get this number rather than building an 'svn export' script that will somehow run svnversion and embed it in my source.

I use CMake for my build system.

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  1. Get "this" number where exactly?
  2. Which "this" rev-no? Last commit in WC tree, head revision of WC-repo
  3. Which OS do you have?

I typically 'svn export' my repos and create a tarball before moving it to another host, so svnversion

Must be called inside WC before export, obviously

And if you have code in tarball, maybe you want to have revision in filename, not in files inside archive, if global resision-id is needed for information?

As Windows-based TSVN-user, I use SubWCRev in my build-scripts in order to get and store some repository-info

  • Post-commit client hook perform SubWCRev.exe <path> Builder.tpl Builder.bat ... call Builder.bat, where Builder-template contain svn export ... z:\trunk$WCDATE=%Y%m%d$-r$WCREV$, and every macro in template expanded into real data in subwcrev-processed file
  • My include-template, which have WCDATE construct too, also pre-processed with subwcrev

For Linux, port of SubWCRev exist with the same functionality: SVNWCRev (not tested) and nice SvnRev (which is actively developed contrary to SVNWCRev) with some extending to SubWCRev|SVNWCRev

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I'm doing development on a LInux (RHEL5) box, but deployment is done (by me) on a collection of SUSE, RHEL5, RHEL6, Debian, AIX, Solaris, etc boxes. And I would like the repository version in code so that I can embed it in Debug logs & such so that users can see it when they report bugs. – Yeraze Jan 26 '12 at 14:48
svnversion in WC, some svnlook subcommands if repository is on local filesystem, svn info + grep inside WC or exported dir – Lazy Badger Jan 26 '12 at 17:31

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