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I define "DisplayHeight" in my App.xaml file here:

    <sys:Int32 x:Key="DisplayHeight">534</sys:Int32> 

I try to set my ListView Height here:

    <ListView x:Name="myListView" Height="{StaticResource DisplayHeight}"/>

This results in the following exception:

{"'534' is not a valid value for property 'Height'."}

I don't understand why this wouldn't work. I can manually set the height to 534 and it works. Also, I read that a controls "Height" is an "Int32" so it shouldn't be a type problem...

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Height is a double, so you need to declare it as such if you want to use StaticResource directly.

Alternatively you could wrap it in a Binding which uses type converters:

Height="{Binding Source={StaticResource DisplayHeight}}"
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Thanks. I was looking at control height and saw that was an Int32. But, ListView's height derives from FrameworkElement which is a double (like you said). –  throop77 Jan 25 '12 at 23:35

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