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Quick question: is it advisable and reliable to install TeamCity Server & Agent on the production Web server (VPS running Windows 2008, 2GB RAM, .NET 4), instead of a separate build server?

Thanks in advance.

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I wouldn't prefer it because the Team City config can contain internal server names that can point to your SVN server, etc. I'd really prefer to throw it on a different machine even if it's a more modest machine with something like desktop specs.

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That would not make any sense at all.

The build server will have all kinds of sdk and tools installed.

A webserver would have as little programms installed as possible.

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There're many reasons not to do this.

  • Security. Usually to build code you will need to have certain permissions that you won't like to give anyone on a production box.
  • Building code can generate undesired load on your prod box. And, maybe not as important, at peak times your builds could slow down if your prod box is under stress.
  • Both servers might need different components (e.g. SDKs vs just the essentials to run your app)
  • Patches. Both boxes might go through different update cycles. You might have to restart your build machine for some reason.

If you aren't in a position to get an extra box, consider using an old low speced dev box, your source control server or even running it from one of the developer computers could be a better option.

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