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App Settings: Edit Icon not working

For whatever reason this question got closed without any answers App Settings: Edit Icon not working

In any case clicking on 'edit icon' from https://developers.facebook.com/apps brought up a dialog with no submit or ok buttons just "cancel"

Seems to be a bug on Facebook, the JS console shows the error:

"DevelopersImageUploader is not defined"

Since facebook doesn't particularly make it easy to submit bugs, does anyone know any work-arounds?

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This has been logged with Facebook and theres a fix for it (supposedly) coming soon. The bug also mentions a work-around hack. A very rare instance where Facebook actually fixes a bug with their development platform.

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The fix for this will be pushed soon.

If you need this urgently, you can try the work-around mentioned in the comments. It's a weird one though: after doing it, it wasn't displaying in the app settings window, but actually showed up for the tab itself.


I was also warned (and flagged) for posting about this on stack overflow this morning, so just letting you know, this should be posted on the Facebook bug pages.

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