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I need to do a project on image processing using OpenCV and I am just starting to learn the basics, however I need to know one thing about the User Interface, can I design the UI using the libraries provided by OpenCV ? This includes forms, buttons and event handling or do I need to use some other language for the UI ?

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OpenCV provides a highgui library which contains minimum UI functionalities like ShowWindow, Trackbar,Mouse events etc. It is not useful for advanced GUI development.

Check out OpenCV documentation: Link 1, Link 2

And it is expanded by few more functions from qt for support like button etc. Link 3

But for advanced GUI development, OpenCV is integrated with Qt. Qt is very advanced, highly stable framework and it is free and opensource. It is implemented in C++, so easy to use with OpenCV. More interesting thing is that, if you use Python for OpenCV, then Qt also has got python wrapper called PyQt which covers almost all functions of Qt.

You can download Qt from here. Checkout its documentation and wide variety of tutorials. Tutorials are very extensive for Qt. So it is not a difficult thing to learn.

Installation guide for OpenCV and Qt are found here: Link

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You can use MFC using Microsoft Visual Studio for opencv ui Click here! to Know more about MFC.

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OpenCVSharp is a great C# wrapper for OpenCV project. Its latest version 2.4.5 uses OpenCV 2.4.0 dlls. Check it out, too.

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