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I am currently looking into using Silverlight and Deepzoom in a future project. Can anyone suggest some sites that make good use of these technologies?

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I saw an amazing demo last week of a site that was about to go live: Pre Raphaelite Collection in Deep Zoom

Basically it's the entire Pre Raphaelite catalogue of a Museum in the UK - you can browse the collection and then pick images to deepzoom so that you can see the individual brush strokes - is really effective.

This is the link to the home page

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Christmas Gift Guide site

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You need to check out shoothill's demos' They have some amazing deep zooms.

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Sorry about the late reply. Here's one I worked on

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MGM used Silverlight Deep Zoom and Photosynth to create Stargate Destiny App. You can read about the making of here and play with the app at

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BestBuy store locator using Virtual Earth post on

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Two HardRock-'like' DeepZoom collections

a business application:

a tagged-photo example with DeepZoom

and a GPS-tagged-photo example with DeepZoom

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That playboy archive is a really cool example of how other magazines could digitize their archives. Also, for those of you hesitant to flip through it: Early Playboy is very tame. You could get 20 pages into the magazines without seeing anything nsfw. – Simucal Jun 18 '09 at 4:14

I don't know about Deepzoom, but I know that the kids site Shidonni uses Silverlight quite successfully.


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The Showcase section of the Microsot Silverlight website has some great demos of Silverlight apps using DeepZoom. Just enter 'DeepZoom' in the search box and it should turn up a number of results.

Here are a few selected from there:

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