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I have to write a program that accepts a sequence of average daily temperatures and put those temperatures into a list, but I can't figure out how. What I tried below does not work. Instead of giving me a list it just gives me the last input.

def main():
    #create a list to store the temperatures.
    tempList = []
    while True:
        dailyTemp = raw_input(
            "Enter average daily temperature or -100 to quit: ")

        # assign dailyTemo to tempList list
        tempList = [dailyTemp]

        print tempList

        if dailyTemp == '-100':

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Hey, don't forget to do your check before you append! –  Moshe Dec 31 '12 at 7:06

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To append to a list, you have to do templist.append('thingtoappend').

In your case, you'd want something like this:

tempList = []
while True:
    dailyTemp = raw_input("Enter average daily temperature or -100 to quit: ")
    tempList = tempList.append(dailyTemp)

What the code that you posted does instead is, it says that the temperature that the user entered, is the list - so each time they enter a new temperature, it replaces the last one they entered.

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Ah, I see. Yes, that worked. Thank you very much –  Programming Newbie Jan 26 '12 at 0:23
Thanks. To mark this answer as a correct one, you should click the checkmark below the voting box. :) –  CoffeeRain Jan 26 '12 at 0:30

The answer above does not work correctly because instead of append the new value to the list in this line tempList = tempList.append(dailyTemp), it will try to append the value to an NoneType object and raise an error.

To fix it, you must just use tempList.append(dailyTemp)

The entire solution is:

tempList = []
while True:
    dailyTemp = raw_input("Enter average daily temperature or -100 to quit: ")
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