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I have a relatively large maven project with a module dependency chain, and I am trying to automate a build process via Jenkins that uploads module jar files with a version number. While doing this, I would still like modules have a default version number (default to 0.0.0.dev) if no arguments are specified to the command line maven call.

I first tried <version>0.0.0.dev</version> figuring that I could override this value with a maven command line. This turns out to not be the case: http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/MINSTALL-30. There is a comment that lead me to my next try: <version>${build.number}</version> where I would pass in the build number to the command line. Obviously, because the property isn’t set anywhere else, if no build number was supplied, I’d get jars such as module.name-${build.number}.jar. Simple fix: as the comment suggested, add <properties><build.number>0.0.0.dev</build.number></properties>.

This causes a transitive problem when I try to propagate that version to module dependencies. Suppose that I have moduleA depends on moduleB depends on moduleC, where I require each to have the same version number. Example of dependency: In moduleA's pom file:


Running mvn compile –Dbuild.number= on moduleA: it will look for moduleB-, but it will look for moduleC-0.0.0.dev.jar. This is because the build.number property is not transitive (unlike the actual version number).

My question: how can I get the desired behavior? With no additional arguments passed at command line, build a jar with a default version number, but allow that default value to be overridden in a way that the module will for my other modules with that same version.

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Module and Dependency have very specific meanings in Maven. Properties on the command line will propagate to all modules being built in the current reactor. Is moduleB a dependency and a module of ModuleA or just a dependency? – Dev Jan 26 '12 at 2:02
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You can not propagate properties in to the pom of a dependency with one exception. For all intents and purposes the pom of a dependency is fixed at the time it was installed/deployed in to your local/remote repository. If the dependency is being resolved via the reactor (i.e. the dependency is being built as part of the current build) then command-line properties will propagate to that dependencies pom as it is being built.

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