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The background-positioning for the nav-bar in design view shows exactly what I want but when I go to live-view the background-position for the nav-bar goes to 0px 0px for each link.


Here are the images.

Design View: http://postimage.org/image/now197ryt/

Live View: http://postimage.org/image/fyan6wpg5/

Here is the Code.


  <div id="topnav">
         <li id="nav-home"><a href="index.html"><span>Feature Product</span></a></li>
         <li id="nav-all"><a href="shop_owners.html"><span>All Products</span></a></li>
         <li id="nav-how"><a href="all_products.html"><span>How It Works</span></a></li>



    position:relative; left:100px; top:100px; margin:0; padding:0; height:50px;
#topnav ul{list-style-type:none; text-align:center; line-height:50px}

#topnav ul li{float:left;}

#topnav ul li {background:url(../nav-bar-3.png);

#topnav ul li a{display:block;

li#nav-all{width:200px; background-position:-200px 0px}
li#nav-how{width:200px; background-position:-400px 0px}

#topnav ul li span {background:url(../nav-bar-3.png) no-repeat scroll bottom left;

#topnav li a span:hover {cursor:pointer;}

#nav-home span {background-position:0px -50px}

#nav-all span{background-position:-200px -50px;}

#nav-how span{background-position:-400px -50px;}
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if it's possible to put the files online with the images it would be helpful, since that way we can look at it using Web Developer Tools –  Damon Jan 26 '12 at 2:22
do you have an email because it wont let me upload the images on here? –  user1170392 Jan 26 '12 at 2:42
you can create an example on jsfiddle.net website there you can upload images and show us the problem. –  Murtaza Jan 26 '12 at 7:34
I put the images up on my edit if you will please look at it, I seriously have no idea what I did wrong, I am trying to do this for web design class. –  user1170392 Jan 26 '12 at 20:13

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you can try adding:

{background:url(../nav-bar-3.png) !important;
background-repeat:none !important;}

This forces the css to be applied overriding the default disregarding, be careful with other css doing so in the future.

You can also try:

float: none !important;margin: 0 auto !important;
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