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I started getting a weird error in my project, so I created a whole new document-based project just to test (in Xcode 4). I added a 'Text View' to the Document.xib, and ran the program. I manage to open a few new documents, type some stuff in the text view, then I pause, and then the program terminates. It gives me: "Program received signal "SIGABRT".

The error is in the default document.m file, in method:

- (NSData *)dataOfType:(NSString *)typeName error:(NSError **)outError

on line:

@throw exception

What's going on?

PS. I looked at the Activity Monitor, and all the loads: System Load, User Load, go way up all at once before it quits.

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From the docs:

The default implementation of this method throws an exception because at least one of the writing methods (this method, writeToURL:ofType:error:, fileWrapperOfType:error:, or writeToURL:ofType:forSaveOperation:originalContentsURL:error:) must be overridden.

My guess is that you didn't implement these method(s). I also bet you're on Lion and have autosaving enabled (see +autosavesInPlace), and that the exception is thrown when the app tries to autosave after an internal timer / change watcher is triggered.

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Yes, that makes sense! I do have it enabled. thanks! –  janeh Jan 26 '12 at 2:38

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