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I have an issue that I can't seem to find a solution for it. I'm using Regex.IsMatch to check if an input matches what's expected. If an input contains **, ++, it complains. For example, I would like to save "Message **" as an accepted value, but I keep getting an ArgumentException saying: "Nested quantifier *" whenever I try to call Regex.IsMatch on it. Is there any way to workaround this?

public bool ResponseMatch(string responseText)
   return Regex.IsMatch(responseText, regexPatternString);
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It sounds like you're trying to match Message ** as a literal value? In this case, call Regex.Escape:

Regex.Escape("Message **") == "Message\ \*\*"

Then you can use it like this:

var valueToMatch = "Message **";
var matches = Regex.IsMatch(input, Regex.Escape(valueToMatch));

However, if you're just using literal values and not any regex features, you might be better off using string.Contains.

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"Message *" as a regex means "match any string that has the characters m e s s a g e in that order, then match zero or more spaces".

Regex.IsMatch takes two inputs - the regex to see if it is matched, and the string to run the regex on. Seems you've got the two confused.

If you're trying to legitmately use "Message **" as a regex, you probably mean to escape the "**". If you only need to escape it in handpicked strings, then fix the string to be, say, @"Message \*\*". If you need to fix any number of regex inputs, then run the Regex.Escape over the string first. @"Message \*\*" == Regex.Escape("Message **")

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