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I'm trying to set up my RoR 3 application to receive emails and then process those emails and update them into the database table called product_comments.

In my application, I have products_controller. Admin can approve or disapprove the products. when the admin disapproves the product, admin adds a comment and that comment will be mailed to the artist, if artist replied to that mail, the product_comments table should be updated to store the replied comment and replied date.

Here is (part of) what I have in my products controller:

ArtistProduct.where(:id=>params[:id]).update_all(:astatus=>'disapproved', :status=>'disapproved')
UserMailer.comment_email( @productcomment).deliver

When users add a comment, the admin receives an email. When admins add a comment, users receive an email. (This is already functioning.)

I'm using Cloudmailin to help me receive incoming mail. I've set up the Cloudmailin address to point to

I am not getting how to integrate Cloudmailin to my application. Please help me.


I have just created incoming controller and my incoming controller looks like:

require 'mail'
def create
@comment = ProductComment.find_by_token(params[:to].split('@')[0])
ProductComment.update(:id=>,{:reply => params[:plain], :rfrom=>params[:from], :replieddate=>params[:date]})
render :text => 'success', :status => 200

My question is how i will get the comment id? While sending an email i want specify comment id or not? if want to specify that id where i want to specify. I have created one account in Cloudmailin is that enough for process the incoming mail or i need to follow any other steps to receive the mail to my application? that is any server setting should be done or what. I am getting any thing. Please help.

Now am sending an email like:

mail(:to =>, :subject => "Edit Your Product")

and i Have set the from as default and it looks like:

default from: ""

This is the admin email address. Please help me.

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So, when that email address receives an email, a POST request should be made to What's the problem exactly? –  Chris Bolton Jan 26 '12 at 8:31
Can you not use CloudMailin's disposable feature? that way you can pass as you incoming email address? Then the comment id can come from params[:disposable]. So would result in finding comment id 123? –  Steve Smith Jan 30 '12 at 12:46

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You can use mailman.

The user guide has an example that does just what you are asking for.

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how to send the email, if we use the mailman. where to set the comment id. please tell me. –  user1074042 Jan 28 '12 at 4:37

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