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On the sony ericcson p1i the Wapsite is not opening properly? On rest all it is working fine. Is it a browser featue or a problem at our end. Please suggest a solution.

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Which browser? The inbuilt browser or any other browser? if its any other browser then check using the same browser in other phones.

For a phone like p1i I dont think sites wont be displayed properly so it might be your issue. Please provide more info about the error.

BTW website not displaying properly is a bug not a feature ;-)

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Your problem description is not very easy to understand, but I assume that your problem is that for one specific site wap pages will not show properly. This could be a local problem with the wap browser. One way to eliminate that is to use another browser than the internal one. Try to download Opera Mini or Opera Mobile and open the site with that. If that works, it is clearly a problem with the local wap browser.

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it was some issue at the gateway end. after which it is woking properly....

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