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I am creating a simple piece of software with very simple requirements.

Is there a strong argument against creating a custom installer that only copies the application into a specified folder and creates a shortcut? I assume that the only difference is that it will not show up in Add/Remove Programs.

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There are several arguments against it:

  1. You have to create your own installer which takes time to develop and support (instead of one product you have at least two);

  2. Also you will need to create deinstallation toolkit too in case a user wants to remove your application. Doing it manually is known to be a bad practice;

  3. There were incidents when a custom installer lead to the corruption of the whole system because of a simple typo.

So it is easier, faster and more safe to use already existing installation toolkits. Or just distribute your application as ZIP-archive.

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There is a number of Installation Software available:


See which software fits your needs.

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Thank you, but my question is regarding arguments against creating a custom installer. –  G M Jan 26 '12 at 4:45

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