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I have an XML file with one well known node, call it Foo.

So somewhere in the XML file I have a framgment that looks like:

<Foo atr1="value1"/>  

I want to change that to:

<Foo atr1="value1"/>  
<MyElement  .......>

and then it needs to be written back to the same file on disk.

What would be a good and quick way to do this?

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if i don't mistaken according to XML standart there can be only one root element so your code is

        XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
        doc.LoadXml("<root><Foo atr1=\"value1\"/></root>");
        /// or load from file as you want

        XmlElement root = doc.DocumentElement;

        XmlElement elem = doc.CreateElement("MyElement");
        // Change the value of the first attribute.
        elem.SetAttribute("atrib", "val");
        XmlElement MoreStyffElem = doc.CreateElement("MoreStuff");

        Console.WriteLine("Display the modified XML...");
        //or save to file

also this link must be usefull for you

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