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i am a bit confuse in finding the svn URL to check out a copy on my computer.

the way i get to my website is: http://dev.website.com/

i have setup svn here: /home/svn/trunk

and i checkout a copy here: /var/www/trunk

so http://dev.website.com/ points to /var/www/trunk.

but i need to checkout a copy of the trunk on my computer. and i try to go to http://dev.website.com/ or http://svn.dev.website.com/ but it doesnt work.

so my question is what is the url that gets me the files from the trunk? where i need to set that link up?


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You must not "guess and try", but find in httpd.conf location of your repository

In order to do it, read Apache config, find DAV svn string in it. Location container, which have this string, in location parameter will have path, used as repository path in case of single repository or base-path for multi-repository


For host http://mayorat.ursinecorner.ru:8088 with configuration (part of)

<Location /svn/>
  DAV svn

  SVNListParentPath on
  SVNParentPath physical-path

path to any repository, created under SVNParentPath directory, will be


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