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Still very new to Rails. How do I call my method in calltwitter.rb file located in my lib folder from my model? Basically I want the array returned from the calltwitter.rb into my model so I can store it.

I have these two classes:


require 'rubygems'
require 'twitter'

class CallTwitter

  def search(search_string)

    Twitter.search(search_string, :rpp => 5, :lang => "en", :result_type => "mixed").map do |result|
      search_tweets << {:image_url => result.profile_image_url, :from_user => result.from_user, :tweet => result.text, :tweeteddate => result.created_at}

  return search_tweets


require './lib/twitter/CallTwitter.rb'

class Tweet < ActiveRecord::Base

  def get_search_tweets
    search_tweets = CallTwitter.new
    search_tweets.search("search string")
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I am not sure but could you please try **edit this in config/application.rb Hope it will help.

config.autoload_paths += %W(#{config.root}/lib/twitter/CallTwitter.rb)
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Had to use "self" like so:

def self.get_search_tweets
  search_tweets = CallTwitter.new
  search_tweets.search("search string")

Also had to reload the rails console.

rails c
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