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I am having trouble with defining a CanCan ability over a HABTM relationship such that it will work with the accessible_by method when I am NOT in the controller of the object

My model is as follows:

    Test <--HABTM--> Organisation <--belongs_to-- User

So I am trying to restrict :read access to Job objects as follows:

can :read, ImplicitTest, :organisations => { :id => user.organisation_id }

This works for the Test index page - only the correct tests appear. But when I try and pull down this list on a view within another controller by invoking Test.accessible_by(current_ability, current_user) it seems to produce some odd SQL:

SELECT "tests".* FROM "tests" WHERE ('t'='f')

Is there any way to make this call work outside of the TestsController ?

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Should have been calling Test.accessible_by(current_ability, :index) - a lot of debugging got me the answer eventually.

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