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I want to do following things from main thread/process:

  1. Communicate to another process using pipe.

  2. Create threads to do certain task.

  3. Wait for all the threads to complete.

Following is the pseudo code I am trying:

 use threads;
 use IO::Handle;
 sub dummy {
      print "\n!!!!". $$;
      return 0;

 open($handle, "| cat -v") || die "Unable to open connection to BT Driver: $!\n";


 #close $handle; If I uncomment this, threads can be joined. But I don't want to terminate this child process.

 $thr2 = threads->create(\&dummy);
 sleep 2;
 print "\n$thr2";
 foreach $thr (threads->list(threads::joinable))
      print "\nIam here";
      print "\n!!!". $thr;

Code gets stuck when I try to join the thread even though it is joinable.

Am I doing something fundamentally wrong here? I am using Perl 5.10.0

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What do you mean by "gets stuck"? What exactly happens? –  David Schwartz Jan 26 '12 at 7:43
By getting stuck I mean the program doesn't terminates or goes further. $thr-> join call blocks the code. If I remove join call program exits with 1 active-finished-unjoined thread. I am getting following output: [root@pe-lt154 ~]# perl thread_trial.pl !!!!9441 threads=SCALAR(0x9dbfed0) Iam here –  user1170728 Jan 26 '12 at 8:00

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I don't have a 5.10.0 with threads compiled to try it, but 5.12.4 hangs at "Iam here". 5.14.1 runs to completion.

Perl threads have a lot of bugs, but it's gotten much better in recent years. 5.10.0 is probably going to be full of bugs and the simplest way to solve it (and a lot of problems) is to just upgrade Perl.

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Thanks. The code does run to completion on 5.14.2. –  user1170728 Jan 26 '12 at 10:44

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