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I want to know how to use this tal:repeat in my case. For example, I made this two codes:


  td tal:repeat="table_info table_info" tal:content="table_info/Field"/>


tr tal:repeat="select_all select_all">

  1td tal:content="select_all/ (here) "/>

  2td tal:content="select_all/ (here) "/>

  3td tal:content="select_all/ (here) "/>


If table_info/Field has 3 field names(length=3(no, id, pw)), how create three <td> and insert no,id,pw at (here)

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I think your question would benefit from proper formatting and some more, specific information into which concrete programming problem you run with your code. – hakre Jan 26 '12 at 17:04
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I'm guessing you want to read key from select_all that is in table_info:

If table_info/Field/id is foo, then it will read select_all/foo.

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