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I have a small problem with my Google Maps API and I would appreciate a little help.

I make a request for a place ( LAT ,LONG ) to google to give me the related restaurants ( for example a distance of 500 meters). Everything is fine with places in crowded areas ( a big city like paris)

My problem is how to determine a solution to request to google the right distance to give me the nearest places for a not so crowded with places .

I better example: - I request the LAT LONG of an area that on an area of 500m has no restaurant but it has on the 2km area. - If a make the request with 50km area the results are not good as long as I can't control the order google gave me back. - How can I find the minimal distance to request so I get the best results for my application

Thank you and Any help is appreciated

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You would need to compute the distance from user's location to each result and then reorder the results to pick the closest one/s. I believe you can re-order the results (I'm no lawyer but see ToS 10.1.1.d, usual disclaimer applies) from the Places API as long as you make it clear (to your users) that you've don it ;)

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