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What am I doing wrong here?

Here is a correct example:

Highlight from github.com/svnpenn/svnpenn.github.io/diff_blob/9e5bae122226517c8426931ab12efa4241f5db7b/images/2012/highlight.png?raw=true

Here is the sample file in my repo:

highlight_no from github.com/svnpenn/svnpenn.github.io/diff_blob/9e5bae122226517c8426931ab12efa4241f5db7b/images/2012/highlight-no.png?raw=true

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The two files have different filemode attributes. Could it be related? –  nulltoken Jan 26 '12 at 9:02
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If file has recognized name/extension

for example hello-world.sh then GitHub highlights based on that extension.


GitHub will highlight based on the shebang, but only if the file has the executable bit set, ala
chmod 755.

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Check this link http://help.github.com/common-issues-and-questions/ and the chapter called "Syntax highlighting isn’t working for my language". I guess there is nothing you do wrong... It is maybe temporary problem or maybe you could complain here: https://github.com/contact

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