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How do I optimize mysql tables to not use locking? Can I alter table to 'turn off' locking all the time.

I have app which use database of 15M records. Once weekly scripts doing some task (insert/update/delete) for 20 hours, and app servers that feed data to front end (web server), and that is fine, very small performance loss I see during that time.

Once monthly I need to optimize table, since huge number of records is out there it take 1-2 hours to finish this task (starting optimize from mysql command line, or phpMyAdmin, same) and in that period mysql DOESN'T SERVE data to front end (I suppose it is about locking tables for optimize)

So how to optmize tables to avoid locking, since there is only reading of data (no insert or update) so I suppose 'unlocking' while optimize, in this case can't make any damage?

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is it table Innodb/MySAM? that will have a major impact –  Madhu Jan 26 '12 at 9:55
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