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Gotta small task to do....

Got 1 server with MSSQL & MySQL DBs (say MSSQL-A and MYSQL-A) n clients with MySQL and PHP (say MYSQL-B, MYSQL-C, ...)

All databases has same structure.

Need to write php script to transfer data from MSSQL-A to MYSQL-A (i.e., transfer between 2 db software MYSQL & MSSQL on same server).

Then MYSQL-A to MYSQL-B (transfer between server MYSQL to client MYSQL), then MYSQL-A to MYSQL-C, then MYSQL-A to MYSQL-D and so on.

Clients are in different geographical locations. Internet will be used for transfer.

Can any one help me in doing this?

There are any aspects come under consideration, like consistency around all the systems, data loss, etc.

Please suggest something...

Thanks in advance..

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Is this an (one time) export task or some kind of database mirroring? –  CodeZombie Jan 26 '12 at 12:43
it's a routine.... daily morning and evening this sync process runs... every morning server to client and every evening client to server –  munna Feb 3 '12 at 11:34

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