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The headline says it all, but this won't work, The hover function works, no matter the body.

$("#content").on("click", "a.zoom", function(e) {
$("#content").on("hover", "body:not(.zoomed) a.animation", function(e) {

I also tried the other way around, but I dont get it.

$("body:not(.zoomed) #content").on("hover", "a.animation", function(e) {
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It's working here: – Richard Neil Ilagan Jan 26 '12 at 10:31

How about declaring the listener differently:

$(document).on("hover", "#content body:not(.zoomed) a.animation", yourHoverFunction);
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You're doing it the live way, which on (and delegate) is supposed to correct. Although if you think about it, we might actually have to resort to this. Which is sad. – Richard Neil Ilagan Jan 26 '12 at 10:23
sorry guys. me stupid hacking inside the wrong function. thank you!! – honk31 Jan 26 '12 at 10:56

on takes advantage of event bubbling to work. In your case when you specify the root selector as #content and the matching selector as body:not(.zoomed) a.animation, the root element has already passed in the event bubbling so it will trigger the event. You might have to handle it programmatically to achieve this. Try this

$("#content").on("hover", "a.animation", function(e) {
    if($("body:not(.zoomed)").length > 1){
       //Do stuff here
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funny thing is, if i put the length of body:not(.zoomed) into the console, i just get nothing. never ever. – honk31 Jan 26 '12 at 10:46
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ok. after finding out i was fiddleing in the wrong function i still couldnt get this to work, due to the hover event.

this turns out nothing (this one isnt even checking for the body class):

$("#content").on("hover", "a.backgroundSwitch", function(e) {
}, function() {

so i used the solution of Richard Neil Ilagan unsing the mouseover & out events.

$("#content").on("mouseover", "body:not(.zoomed) a.backgroundSwitch", function() {
}).on("mouseout", "body:not(.zoomed) a.backgroundSwitch", function() {

thanks for all the help!

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