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I'm using imagemagik to convert pdf's ( and other types ) to jpg.

Here is my command

"D:\\bc_458.pdf -resize 100x100 -flatten -quality 92 -background white  D:\\tn_abc_458.jpg"

I am having 2 issues with this.

1) it doesn't work with pdf's that contains forms.

2) it is overlaying pages on top of each other. For example "bc_458.pdf" has 3 pages. tn_abc_458.jpg is created with all 3 layers overlaying each other.

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Which version of ImageMagick are you using? (Run convert -version to find out...) –  Kurt Pfeifle Aug 13 '12 at 18:27

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ImageMagick is a (pixel) images processing software.

It doesn't process PDF input files itself -- it uses Ghostscript as a 'delegate' to convert PDF pages to pixel images first.

  1. So, which version of Ghostscript have you installed? On Windows, run

    gswin32c.exe -v


    gswin64c.exe -v

    on Mac OS X, Linux or Unix run:

    gs -v

    to find out.

    What exactly are you problems with the PDF forms? 'It doesn't work with forms' doesn't tell me much...

  2. The problem of overlaying the 3 page images over each other you can easily overcome: simply drop the -flatten part of the commandline (because that's what's responsible for the effect you observe). Furthermore, you could specify %04d as part of the output filename in order to have control of where ImageMagick puts the page number:

    convert \
         bc_458.pdf \
        -resize 100x100 \
        -quality 92 \
        -background white \
  3. I'm pretty sure that the command you quoted doesn't even do what you say it does: you forgot to put the convert command to the front of the line. ;-)

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