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I have following resourceBundle Javascript object.

var resourceBundle = {
  en : {
        "MSG1" : "Message 1",
        "MSG2" : "Message 2"

As you see, this is for english. Then I can create another brance for, say, French(fr). No problem to get 'Message 1' , 'Message 2' as all I have to do is get resourceBundle['en'][key]. But what I can do if I want a message to be created using paramaters. Can I use methods, if so, how.

What I mean is something like this, I want to add MSG3 as;

"MSG3" : "welcome "+userName;

not exact way, a workaround

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Try the following :

resourceBundle['fr'] = []; // create new
resourceBundle['fr']['MSG1'] = "test"; // add value

alert(resourceBundle['fr']['MSG1']); // test

or using @David's answer as a base :

function createMessage(key, value, locale) {
    if (resourceBundle[locale] == undefined) {
        resourceBundle[locale] = [];
    resourceBundle[locale][key] = value;

createMessage('Pardon my french', 'MSG1', 'FR');
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please refer the edited question.pardon me I was nit clear before – ghTvNath Jan 26 '12 at 10:43
@ghTvNath same answer - you just pass your parameter ie createMessage('message ' + username,'MSG1','FR'); – ManseUK Jan 26 '12 at 10:45

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