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I have the following code that monitors a folder.

I am monitoring a folder. Do I have to create a thread if this folder is continously accessed? Also I would like ti ask how can i create a continously running process over this code? I would like to see it running in the process running files (cpu - command line top).

Need some help. Appreciate!!

Here is the code:


Simple example for inotify in Linux.


#include <sys/inotify.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main(){
    int fd,wd,wd1,i=0,len=0;
    char pathname[100],buf[1024];
    struct inotify_event *event;

    /* watch /test directory for any activity and report it back to me */


        //read 1024  bytes of events from fd into buf

            event=(struct inotify_event *) &buf[i];

            /* check for changes */
            if(event->mask & IN_OPEN)
             {   printf("\n %s :was opened\n",event->name);
                int n=sizeof(path)+sizeof(file);
                char *result=(char *)malloc(512);
                strcpy(result,path); // copy string one into the result.
                strcat(result,file); // append string two to the result
                puts (result);

                int pp=sizeof(result);
                char *run="/home/test/./userr ";
                int l=sizeof(run);

                char *cmd=(char *)malloc(1000);
                puts (cmd);

            if(event->mask & IN_MODIFY)
                  printf("%s : modified\n",event->name);

            if(event->mask & IN_ATTRIB)
                  printf("%s :meta data changed\n",event->name);

            if(event->mask & IN_ACCESS)
                  printf("%s :was read\n",event->name);

            if(event->mask & IN_CLOSE_WRITE)
                  printf("%s :file opened for writing was closed\n",event->name);

            /* update index to start of next event */
            i+=sizeof(struct inotify_event)+event->len;



Could you post my code modified.

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This question is not very clear. You are concerned about a busy while(1) loop, but also want it to run as a daemon launched from init? – Sam Miller Jan 27 '12 at 15:11
i've edit my code – just ME Jan 30 '12 at 9:10

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