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I want to add the Facebook LIKE button to a page on a website. There are a couple of points:-

  1. The webpage has an image background so I want the background to the LIKE button to be transparent. The basic tool on face book to create the button only allows a dark or light background. How can I change that?
  2. The webpage has a number of news items and I want to use the LIKE button after each news item so only that item appears on the users FB page. Am I simply able to adjust the URL in the code that the FB tool returns?
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The "Like" button has limited options for styling according to this thread:

Custom skin for facebook like button

This will achieve what you are trying to do using a "Share" button:

<a type="button" href="">
<img style="cursor:pointer" src="/images/customfacebookpic.png" />
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FYI, sharer.php is being deprecated – DMCS Jan 26 '12 at 12:04
thanks for the heads up – Dan Kanze Jan 26 '12 at 12:06

Styling of the like button was intentionally removed by Facebook and they give us limited availability to change it (just lite/dark). See this post:

And if you use the way back machine, you can see how you used to be able to style the button by adding the css parameter.

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