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I'm starting H2 console from spring:

<spring:bean id="H2WebServer" class="org.h2.tools.Server"
        scope="singleton" factory-method="createWebServer" init-method="start"
        <spring:constructor-arg value="-web,-webAllowOthers,true,-webPort,8082" />

H2 version is 1.3.160

I do not want the console to be accesible from other computers in my network. The documentation says to use setting webAllowOthers to allow/or not to other computers. But if i set "-webAllowOthers,false", the console is still available in my local network. I also checked .h2.server.properties file.

How should the setting work?

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If you don't want to allow other computers, then remove the -webAllowOthers:


<spring:constructor-arg value="-web,-webPort,8082" />

else keep just the -webAllowOthers

<spring:constructor-arg value="-web,-webAllowOthers,-webPort,8082" />

If setting removed, then it respondes with "Sorry, remote connections are disabled on this server".

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You can always use firewall rules ;) iptables on linux and such.

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