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Has a menu bar, and a header. I want different menu items change the header image.

no hover -> default header image

menu1 hover -> change header image1

menu2 hover -> change header image2

menu3 hover -> change header image3

i create with photoshop: http://bogdany.malafree.hu/pic.jpg

Sorry for the poor english... I'm waiting for answers

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You have to put the header image inside of the menu. And then you can do it like this:

.menu1:hover div.header1 {

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use jquery, maybe? something like this:

$(document).ready(function () {
    // #menu is the id of either the container div or the ul
    $('#menu li').hover(
        function() {
            var index = $('#menu li').index(this);
            //#header is the ID of your header image

      function() {
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