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Take a look at this code:

   if ($this->request->is('post')){
        $this->request->data['Profile']['userId'] = $this->Auth->user('id');
        if ($this->Profile->save($this->request->data)){
            $this->Profile->setPermissions($this->Profile->id, $this->request->data['Permission']);
            $this->NFSSession->setSuccessMessage('Your profile has been updated.');
            $this->NFSSession->setSuccessMessage('There was a problem updating your profile.  Please try again.');
        echo 'Not a post request!!?!?!?!?!';

When I submit the form in the corresponding view for this action, it appears that $this->request->is('post') returns false. The other end of the if/else statement is run. Here's the weird bit - the POST data is there, and my call to debug($this->request->data) spits out the data I am expecting!

Here's the data that gets passed:

[Profile] => Array
        [aboutMe] => Hey there

[Permission] => Array
        [Profile] => Array
                [aboutMe] => 1



Now, I could of course just change $this->request->is('post') to !empty($this->request->data) but that would not be grappling the problem head on.

So is anything wrong with my code? What's going on?


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What does your view look like? And specifically the form you're submitting. – Oldskool Jan 26 '12 at 13:17
It produces the POST data described above - surely that's the only relevant information about the view (apologies if I'm missing something)? – Will Jan 26 '12 at 13:28
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Try using this:

if ($this->request->is('post') || $this->request->is('put'))


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Thanks. I thought of trying this, but my form action is set to "post". Cake must see that I am updating something. The HTTP standard request type for updating is PUT. – Alex Kinnee Mar 21 '13 at 1:29

When you create a form in CakePHP, FormHelper::create() will use the info in $this->request->data to detect if your form is an add form or update form. If your model primary key is in your data, a hidden input field is generated to override the default HTTP method. This happens because probably you will update something.

<form id="RecipeEditForm" method="post" action="/recipes/edit/5">
    <input type="hidden" name="_method" value="PUT" />

To check if your form was submitted when you create or update something, you can pass an array to CakeRequest::is() this way:

if($this->request->is(array('post','put')) {

More info: http://book.cakephp.org/2.0/en/core-libraries/helpers/form.html#creating-forms

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Hey there. Please explain why it is that he could also try this, and how it would solve the problem. We want quality answers on Stack Overflow, and this is somewhat overlooked here. – Félix Gagnon-Grenier Jan 28 '15 at 17:25
Hi, I updated my answer with more info and the source. – Luciano Hoffmann Jan 30 '15 at 18:11

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