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I have a large code written in C, but I did not write all of it myself. I wish to create an overview of the call structure in the code for reference. That is: I wish to know what (non-standard) functions are called by the different functions in the code, and thus create a hierarchy or a tree of the different functions. Are there any free, Unix compatible programs (that means no Visual Studio, but a Vim plugin or such would be neat) that can do this, or will I have to write something that can do this myself?

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try doxygen ... – Anycorn Jan 26 '12 at 13:40
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For an overview of available tools see

There is a Vim plugin C Call-Tree Explorer called CCTree

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Very nice list. I also like the CCTree plugin for Vim. Do you happen to know how to collapse a list? – user787267 Jan 27 '12 at 9:51

Doxygen does that too, it has to be enabled though.

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As you mentioned a Vim plug-in, check out It uses CScope to generate the tree, so you will need to first generate a CScope db of your source files.

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Have a look at This uses GCC to process the code and extracts the interdependencies within the program from the AST it emits.

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gprof will do that. It also generates an execution profile, but in doing so it creates a call tree.

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