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No route matches {:controller=>"user_prices", :action=>"show".....

This is the error I am getting when I changed my route in my view to:

<td class="show-link"><%= link_to "Show", show_price_path(user_price) %></td>

Which is from my new route:

match "/:id/:product_name/:purchase_date/:price", :to => "user_prices#show", :as => :show_price

What do I have to do so I can use this route to see my user prices?

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The route that you are specifying


requires 4 parameters for it to be created. You are only passing in one object, which I assume is meant to be for the id. With the route that you have specified, you will need to do something like.

show_price_path(:id=>, :product_name=>product_name_from_user_price, :purchase_date=>purchase_date_from_user_price, :price=>price_from_user_price) 
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