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I need to poll a directory and narrow the files with a case insentive expression.

With version 2.10 camel adds support for antInclude which is what I look into, unfortunately antInclude is case sensitive, so are other filtering expressions. Implementing GenericFileFilter is not an option, since the filtering patterns are not known at compile time as I read them from database at runtime and I have multiple file rules each with a different pattern.

I programmatically create several routes in a loop, where each file route has a different case insensitive filtering pattern. I would appreciate if camel file component supports case insensitive expressions, or is there any other way without creating myself a new file component in camel?

public class MyRouter extends RouteBuilder {

public void configure() throws Exception {
    Vector<FileTransferEntity> list = TransferDAO.getTransferList();
    for(FileTransferEntity t : list) {
        fromF("ftp://ftpuser@ftpserver/some-directory?antInclude=%s", t.getFileMask()).
        toF("mock:result");//depending on t, action will change.
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Why dont you report this as an improvement to the Camel @user mailing list, or as a JIRA ticket in the Camel JIRA tracker. I am sure it would be possible to have antInclude be case insensitive. – Claus Ibsen Jan 29 '12 at 15:12
thx, added – serdar Jan 31 '12 at 14:41

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should be able to use a custom filter instead...see camel-file2 for information or see this example...

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thx boday, but I can not use custom filter since I read filters from database there is no way to correlate the filters with the routes. – serdar Jan 27 '12 at 8:46

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