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I'm trying to generate a wsdl file from MyWebService interface;

public interface MyWebService{
    public ResponseMessage processService(MyWSData myWSData);

and here's the java classes

public class MyWSData extends Message {
    private String myString;
    private MyOtherClass[] myOtherClassArray;  
    private Long myLong;

public class MyOtherClass{
    private Long id;
    private String name;

and here is my pom.xml file


                            <argline> -createxsdimports </argline>

in my generated wsdl file: MyOtherClass array field looks empty

<xs:complexType name="myOtherClassArray">

what should be the reason, or is there any other way to generate a correct wsdl file including MyOtherClass[]

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  1. That's a very old version of CXF.

  2. Without accessors, JAX-B can't do anything with MyOtherClass. Try adding public getters and setters to the fields.

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thanks, worked well! ;) –  fsonmezay Jan 26 '12 at 14:10

Two things:

  1. CXF 2.5.2 java2ws doesn't like generating from interfaces, because it needs an implementation to instantiate in the generated server. So generate from a class that implements your interface.

  2. The class that implements MyWebService needs to be annotated with @javax.jws.WebService, and the method processService() in that class needs to be annotated with @javax.jws.WebMethod - java2ws will only generate WSDL for the methods you want it to. You can of course use import javax.jws.WebService; and just annotate with @WebService, etc.

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