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I have a main project, which includes a nested library project which produces a libCore.a library.

Both of the projects have the two configurations debug and release. Now if I build the main project with a given configuration, how can I make sure that this is passed down to the library project as well?

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Make your project directly dependent on the libCore project. Do achieve this, do the following:

  1. Drag the libCore project file to your main project. It happens sometimes, that only the xcodeproj file is moved. If this happens to you, restart XCode (this happend to me with RestKit and the latest XCode).
  2. After point 1 is done and you can browse the dependency project, go to your target build phases and add the libCore as the target dependencies.
  3. Link against libCore.a by adding in the Link Binary with Libraries phase.

These are 3 basic steps, I don't know what the libCore is, if it needs to be linked with any other libraries then you will also have to link your target against those libraries.

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