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I have a very limited environment which have no standard linux/unix date/time API and have to synchronize clock against NTP server. I can communicate via UDP and get NTP reply. Now i need to convert NTP timestamp to the device date/time completly by myself.

I've found several ntp implementations (qntp, c#, java) but they all using system wide functions to convert NTP timestamp to the corresponding DateTime implementation.

Any avdice to how to convert or any links where i can read about such a conversion will be very appreciated.

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Resolved. In case if someone interresting in it - Qt sources contains excelent implementation of exactly what i'm looking for. qdatetime.cpp getDateFromJulianDay is the way how to convert julian date to d/m/y. and julianDayFromDate gives the offset for ntp 1900-01-01. The rest become trivial. –  user1171379 Jan 26 '12 at 19:09
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