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First I wanted to upgrade my git installation and tried it using the latest git extensions. The installation failed with error code 2330. Afterwards I've tried to both uninstall/repair my installation, but every it failed with error 2330. The visual studio addins is located in my documents which is located on a networkshare, but I have a connection to it.

Any idea to how I can remove and reinstall git?

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I think your best bet would be to update all projects associated to all the repositories and then disconnecting your machine from all the repositories before updating or uninstalling. I think that error has something to do with not being able to perform changes because of possible repercussions to the projects in the repositories.

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Seems like the problem had something to do with my company laptop. When I got back to work and tried to uninstall everything uninstalled. Maybe something to du with GIT Extensions installing into Documents located on a networkshare.

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